The 'My BSOL' page gives you details of your subscriptions.

If you need to update your details, including contact details and password, you can do so at the Edit Profile link on the My BSOL page.

You can also view details the modules that are included in your subscription(s).

My BSOL holds 3 sub tabs:

  • My Account
  • My Notifications
  • My Downloads

1. My Account:

My Account allows users to see the level and content of their subscription.


You can also edit your profile or amend your password here by clicking on “Edit Profile”.

A new window will open offering the various edit options.

Once the changes have been made, press logout in the new window and you will be returned to your previous page.

2. My Notifications:


My Notifications allows you to set up email alerts for standards and modules which you wish to monitor for change.


3. My Downloads:


My downloads allows you to save a number of documents in this one-time clipboard, then zip and send (up to 5 documents) direct to your pc.


(For more information on any of these features please visit HELP in BSOL)

Please do let us know if you have specific topics that you would like to see covered in the Top Tips section of the BSOL newsletter next month.

If you have any queries about how to use BSOL please contact our Online Support team at  +44 (0) 20 8996 7555 or at

We hope that you find these tips helpful. If you have any key areas that you would like us to tell you about in the next newsletter please use the feedback form and we will ensure that we provide more information on this in a forthcoming newsletter.

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