Thanks for putting together our robot, I hope you enjoyed the challenge.

The point is, putting together a robot without any information isn't impossible, but it's much harder than if you had a good code of practice and specification.

Our product British Standards Online (BSOL) makes it simple and affordable to find and download the right standards for every job.

With it, you'll always have the right information for any engineering project. Even a robot.



Help with robot building


Does yours look like this yet? If not, take a look at the instructions to the right.

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Having trouble with the arms? Head not going on quite right? Download the full, printable instructions below:

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What are other engineers saying about British Standards Online?

  • "Efficient service that provides our business with relevant technical information at a time we need it, our twelfth man."
    Matthew Charlton
    Applications & Development Engineer,
    Weir Valves & Controls UK Ltd
  • "The online resource (BSOL) has certainly helped us to turn around design works more quickly."
    Mick Rawson,
    Royal Engineer Specialist Team

    “Our engineers can be at a factory in the middle of nowhere and quickly download the latest British Standard.”
    Craig Asbridge
    Engineering Manager
    Pulse Home Products


Sound good?

We'd be happy to arrange a free trial or demonstration so you can see just how much time and effort BSOL can save you. You can read more on the BSOL website, or click the button below to arrange your free trial or demonstration. Alternatively, call +44 345 086 9001 to speak with an advisor.

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