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BSOL is a comprehensive online standards library giving you access to over 90,000 British, adopted European and International standards. An easily searchable and cost effective solution, BSOL grants you the power to create your own custom collection of standards.

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Super-fast access to standards
Just browse, search and download the information you need. You’ll find what you’re looking for in seconds – searching by standard number, keyword or phrase. 

Automatic updates to your email
You will always have access to the latest standards and you can set up automatic email updates to alert you when a standard changes.

More cost-effective than buying individual standards
Save money on administration costs by choosing a collection of standards instead of buying individual standards. The more you choose the more money you save.

Hear from existing clients

"Efficient service that provides our business with relevant technical information at a time we need it, our twelfth man."

Matthew Charlton, Applications & Development Engineer, Weir Valves & Controls UK Ltd.

"The online resource (BSOL) has certainly helped us to turn around design works more quickly."

Mick Rawson, Royal Engineer Specialist Team.

“The introduction of standards helped us, as Brawn GP, to win the F1 World Championship in 2009”

Graeme Williams, Gearbox Design Team Leader, Mercedes GP Petronas.

“Our engineers can be at a factory in the middle of nowhere and quickly download the latest British Standard.”

Craig Asbridge, Engineering Manager, Pulse Home Products.

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Your BSOL services

1. Consultancy and Advice

We can review all your standards requirements and suggest the best BSOL package for you

2. Personalization

We will personalize your BSOL package to fit your BSOL users and organization

3. Set Up

We can set you up to use BSOL in as little as 24 hours 

4. Training

Get free classroom or webinar style training for all BSOL users

5. Statistics

Receive regular user statistics to see what standards are being used

6. Technical Support and Customer Service

Receive support for all your BSOL needs

3 easy ways to work with BSOL

1. Subscribe to the full collection 
Get access to over 90,000 British, adopted European and International standards. You'll also have access to draft standards so you’ll know which standards are being published before your competitors do.

2. Subscribe to subject based modules
The BSOL database is broken down into modules covering 53 subject areas and 3 book modules. Choose the ones that suit you.

See the full list of BSOL modules 

3. Create your own custom collection
Get every standard you require and none you don't - just tell us what standards you need to use and we'll put together a custom collection

Next steps

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