BSOL Search Enhancements

When you next login to BSOL, you’ll notice something different about our Home page.

Following feedback from lots of our customers we’ve been testing some changes to search relevance in BSOL, and we’re ready to show you some proposed changes. We’d really like you to tell us what you think, so please give us some feedback!

For a next few months you’ll see the existing “Standard number” and “Keyword” search boxes as usual on the left-hand side of the Home page, but alongside you’ll see our “beta” search box:


BSOL “beta” search is something we’re testing out to make it easier for you to search for standard number or keywords.

You should also see improved relevance with you results, and when you run a “beta” search you’ll see a slighty different search results page:



More than anything, we’d like your feedback on the changes we’re making. Your input will help us with fine-tuning of BSOL search, and will help us to make it even better for when we make any future changes.

What is a “beta test”?

A “beta test” allows us to show you a sneak preview of a change we’re planning for BSOL. It also allows us to get lots of feedback from you – we want to know what you think about what we’re planning, tell us what’s working and what needs improving.

What’s different about the BSOL search “beta”?

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s just one box. We’ve been working hard to make searching in BSOL simpler and now you can enter either standard numbers or keywords into the same search box, with improved results for both.

We’ve also made lots of improvements to the relevance of search results. It’s now easier than ever to find draft standards and standards with awkward numbers, such as where the standard number could also be a “part number” or “publication year”.

How do I give you feedback, or find out more?

We’ve created a very quick feedback form so you can tell us if you found BSOL “beta” search to work better for you than the existing BSOL search. You’ll see “Give us some feedback” links by the “beta” search box and on the “beta” search results page. It’ll take just one minute to tell us what you think.

We promise to read every comment we receive and will use the information to make tweaks to the search enhancements before full release of the changes.

As always, if you prefer, you can simply email our Online Support team with feedback at or call us on +44 345 086 9001 if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

The BSOL team


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