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British Standards Online (BSOL) is a bibliographic, citation and full-text online database of more than 90,000 standards. BSOL is rich in business-critical content covering a wide range of disciplines for all industry sectors.

Delivering British and international standards information directly to the desktop, BSOL is a growing resource containing bibliographic details of internationally recognized standards and allows you to download the full-text of any draft or current standard. In addition to British Standards, you can also access ASTM, ISO, CEN, CENELEC and IEC on BSOL.

British Standards Online provides:

  • Information accessible directly from the desktop. Just browse, search and download the information
  • The most comprehensive British Standards collection maintained, stored and managed for you
  • 24/7 instant unlimited access
  • Access to draft standards
  • Flexible search fields to pinpoint the information you are looking for
  • Daily updating to ensure you are always using the current version of the standard
  • "My notifications" - email alert service
  • Easy to read results list and summary pages
  • Clear and improved images using pdf presentation
  • Annual subscription for easy budgeting
  • Highly flexible subscription options - subscribe to the full collection, choose from 55 subject-related modules or customize your collection
  • British Standards classified according to International Classification for Standards (ICS)


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With BSOL, you can chose what information you want to access.

  • BSOL standards collections

British Standards Online comes as the full collection, a choice of pre-defined modules or custom collections.

The full collection contains the complete set of British Standards. Included in the full collection are modules numbered 1 to 53 which can be grouped to address your needs. 

See the full list of BSOL modules

Alternatively, you can also chose to subscribe to the specific collections or module:

  • BSOL Book Collections

When you or your colleagues need guidance on implementation of national and international standards, you can refer to these themed collections of current BSI books from within BSOL, in addition to your existing collections of standards.

We've created the following three BSOL Book Collections from the most popular books in the BSI catalogue:

  • GBM71 - BSI Books: Management, Quality & Risk
  • GBM72 - BSI Books: ICT & Information Governance
  • GBM73 - BSI Books: Construction & Fire

We'll be adding newly-published BSI books as they become available, so as a subscriber to BSOL Book Collections you'll always be able to access the most up-to-date BSI guidance on standards and their implementation.

Read more about the BSOL Book Collections

  • Eurocodes Managed Collection

This managed collection contains all current Eurocodes, UK National Annexes and related documents. As a managed collection this will be updated weekly.

Eurocodes replace existing national construction standards.


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BSOL Training Team

There is a dedicated BSOL team available, on hand to help you with your specific needs.

Available to help you either over the phone, online (via a webinar) or to visit your workplace for one-to-one or group sessions – whichever suits your needs.

These BSOL experts can help you with quick tips, or a more detailed overview if you’d like to see how BSOL can benefit your organization.


For further information and to discuss your requirements, please contact us:

  • +44 345 086 9001

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Below are links to recorded demonstrations providing you with guidance on how to use different functions in BSOL. To get a general overview of the service, please watch the “BSOL general overview demo”.

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Top tips

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Success stories

  • Mercedes GP Petronas

Formula One team use standards to win

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  • London South Bank University

A leading technology university uses standards to save time and resources

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  • Glamorgan University

One of top UK universities uses standards to enhance its reputation

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