British Standards Online (BSOL) BSOL

BSOL – A standard management system built with leading industry knowledge, trusted and used by businesses globally

BSOL is a simple online tool that acts as your standards management system. Access, view and download standards with multiple user access, across multiple sites, facilitating the distribution of the knowledge across your business.


British, European & International standards

BSOL contains British Standards and international and European standards that have been adopted as British Standards. It also includes ISO, IEC and ASTM standards that haven’t been adopted as British Standards as well as PAS.


Tailored to suit you

BSOL can be tailored to suit your business needs. You can subscribe to our pre-built modules or build a personalized standards collection, ensuring that you have access to the standards you need.


Miss nothing with Tracked Changes

Track past, present and future changes. With access to historic and emerging standards, you can see the guidance that informed previous decisions, as well as changes that could shape your future moves.


Effective standards management

Manage all your standards in one place, enabling ease of access to the standards you need, and ensuring it’s the latest version therefore avoiding costly delays.


Advanced search

Get the standards you need quickly with our search functionally. Search by standard number, status, date, industry sector, national committee, subject ICS category) or publisher.


Free and unlimited training

BSOL is easy to use – but our training team are here to give you extra support if you need it.


Password Manager

Password Manager gives BSOL customers easy access to our products by securely saving, remembering and auto-filling your password.


Adoption Gap

To make sure that our customers can comply with and take advantage of the latest standards content, all “pure” ISO and IEC standards are available within BSOL for customers who also take international or European standards as an addition to their subscription.


These are only some of the unique features BSOL has to offer to help reduce risks and instil trust with your clients.


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