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22 July 2013

BSI and UDC Consortium announce UDC Online replacement service

English speaking users of UDC will be able to access a new UDC Consortium's UDC Online service from 26 August as BSI’s UDC Online will be closing from 1 October 2013. The upgraded UDC Online service offers improved searching and browsing functions and several new features such as access to cancelled numbers and alphabetical chain index.

The new product is a part of the multilingual UDC hub-service driven directly from the UDC Master Reference File (MRF) database and run by the UDC Consortium (The Hague). The new online service has been developed to bring together and align existing translations with the regularly updated knowledge content of the UDC. The tool aims to provide a better, up-to-date and more convenient service for users world-wide. The English version will be the first edition to be made available online.

The UDC was created in 1900s and it has since been used in over 150,000 libraries and other information services in over 130 countries. It is one of the most sophisticated and most widely used knowledge organization schemes in the world.

BSI, the business standards company is a global independent business services organization that inspires confidence and delivers assurance to over 70,000 customers in 150 countries with standards-based solutions. BSI has been the principal publisher of UDC schedules in English since the 1930s and a member of the UDC Consortium from 1992-2012. BSI's expert input into the UDC development for over 70 years has been invaluable for UDC users in many countries.

High quality printed BSI UDC editions are appreciated by documentation specialists worldwide. In spring 2001, BSI released a web version of the English UDC schedules called "UDC Online" - the first of its kind in the bibliographic domain. BSI UDC Online was at the forefront of online classification schemes and has been serving users for over 10 years.


For the trial please contact our UDC Customer Services department on +44 345 086 9001 or email udc@bsigroup.com.

The online version is now available electronically, and is intended for organizing documentation on everything that has ever been written. It was produced and researched in association and with representation from the following industry experts:

  • CILIP (Chartered Institution of Library and Information Professionals)
  • National Information Services and Systems (NISS)
  • Society of Indexers
  • Standing Conference of National and University Libraries.

Derived from the Master Reference File (MRF) from the UDC Consortium, UDC Online contains all available references and classification and has over 65,000 entries.

A one-year UDC Online subscription offers:

  • complete content of UDC database
  • number building facility helps you to construct complex UDC numbers and see the result developing on screen
  • search and view online
  • cut and paste functionality - save time and effort and avoid transcription errors
  • user-friendly screens
  • multiple search strategies
  • database search for specific terms and numbers. Use customized dictionary or hierarchy of UDC numbers to refine results.



































Number builder

Number builder









Revision to UDC Complete Edition and New UDC Online

We’re revising the Complete Edition of the Universal Decimal Classification in hardcopy, the first revision for over 10 years. Split into two volumes, UDC Complete Edition contains all available references and classifications from the UDC Consortium’s Master Reference File (MRF), and has over 65,000 entries.

UDC Online has been given a complete overhaul by BSI and is now owned and run by us. It is an online enhanced version of the Complete Edition. The enhanced functionality includes a number building facility to help construct complex UDC numbers, and the ability for multiple search strategies. The Online version is available on a yearly subscription and is competitively priced.

Price per site £395 + VAT p.a. 1-2 users, £50 + VAT p.a. for each additional user, £POA for 10+ users

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