Affiliates — Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which BSI logo should I use?
2. Can I re-use content from the BSI website?
3. Is there any “About BSI” text that I can use on my site?
4. Reporting
5. Payments
6. How do I create text/deep links?
7. How do I incorporate the BSI data feed in to my site?

1.  Which BSI logo should I use?

The official Affiliates logo and badge for your use can be found on the BSI affiliates interface when you log in: Click on ‘Ad Management’ followed by ‘My Ads’.

2.  Can I re-use content from the BSI website?

You may not reproduce content in its entirety without prior permission.
You may re-use product descriptions as found on the pages of the BSI British Standards website as a guide only to promoting BSI products and services. 

3.  Is there any “About BSI” text that I can use on my site?

You can use the following text:

'BSI Standards
BSI Standards is the UK’s national standards organization that produces standards and information products that promote and share best practice. It serves the interests of a wide range of industry sectors as well as governments, consumers, employees and society overall, to make sure that British, European and international standards are useful, relevant and authoritative.'

4.  Reporting

Once you have the links up on your site you can log into TradeDoubler and see how they are performing. TradeDoubler offers the following performance reports:

  • Overview Report: This is the most popular report. The overview report gives you a precise description of generated transactions, broken down by program and specified time period. After running the report, you can click on the program name to produce detailed information about the transactions generated for that particular campaign
  • Monthly Overview Report: The Monthly overview report gives a precise description on the data of your choice broken down by month. This report is updated weekly (the night between Sunday and Monday)
  • Graphical Element Report: The graphical elements report allows you to see the performance of specific banners for specific programs, sorted over specified time periods.

5.  Payments

  • Commission rates will be advertised on the BSI Affiliate Interface
  • BSI will pay the Affiliate within 60 days from the end of the month in which the sale was validated
  • BSI will issue self-billed invoices for all valid actions
  • BSI complete self-billed invoices showing the Affiliates name, address and VAT registration number (where applicable), together with all the other details which constitute a full VAT invoice.

6.  How do I create text/deep links?

Text links are used to link directly to the BSI Shop or other product/information pages on our website.

Deep linking is a text link that directs the visitor to a specific page in the BSI Shop rather than the homepage. As the target URL contains content connected to the advert, deep linking results in much more targeted linking.  Please follow instructions below:

  • Select ‘Ad Management’, then ‘My text links’ (top right hand corner)
  • Then select ‘Deep link’
  • Copy and paste the URL of the web page you would like to link to in the ‘Target URL’ box
  • Place the name of the link, such as the standard name and/or number, in the ‘Anchor Text’ box
  • Copy the HTML deep link code into the relevant place on your site. If you would like to insert the link manually into your site, please select the ‘Plain URL’ option at the top of the box and copy and paste this. Or you may wish to copy the link at the top of the Deep Link box adding the ‘target URL’ (the URL you would like to host a link to) with the brackets at the end of the link.

7.  How do I incorporate the BSI datafeed in to my site?

You can find the product feed user guide on the interface when logging in: 
Ad Management – Product Feed 

A detailed product feed export and video manual can be found here.

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