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Risk management of machinery

If you are not sure what the new responsibilities are, this book deals with the key changes brought about by the Machinery Directive in a clear and straightforward question and answer format. It gives guidance on the steps to take and the standards to use to help meet the responsibilities.

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Protection Against Lightning

A comprehensive companion guide to the new British standard, which aims to promote a consistent approach to the standard's usage in the field by offering practical interpretations of its formal approach.

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The Essential Guide to Technical Product Specification: Engineering Drawing

This book is a guide to Technical Product Specifications (TPS) in relation to BS 8888, specifically engineering drawings.

The book offers straightforward guidance, together with pictorial representations, to all practitioners of technical product specification. It combines the tools engineers need to engage in design specification, manufacturing and verification, with the essential basic information required for specifying a product or component.

Handbook 44


Threaded Fasteners: BSI Handbook 44

Mike Heritage, Roger Reed, Tom Russell



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