Produced by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) establishes the rules of safety – in relation to pressure integrity only – governing the design, fabrication and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels and of nuclear power plant components during construction. The aim of the rules is to provide a margin for deterioration in service.

BPVC has been published since 1914 and begins its next bi-annual publishing cycle with this 2021 Edition, available in hard copies or electronically.

Who is the code for?

BPVC 2021 will be suitable for those who’ve purchased it in the past, as well as users of PD 5500 and the BS EN 13445 series.

Also note that BPVC is international in scope, with more than 100,000 copies in use in 100 countries. In particular the boiler and pressure-vessel sections are considered essential within such industries as electric power-generation, petrochemicals, transportation and many others.

What does the code cover?

BPVC in its entirety includes 31 books and 17,000 pages covering industrial and residential boilers as well as nuclear reactor components, transport tanks and other forms of pressure vessels.

The requirements cover:

-          Power boilers

-          Heating boilers

-          Pressure vessels

-          Fiber-reinforced plastic pressure vessels

-          Construction of nuclear facility components

-          Rules of inservice inspection of nuclear power plant components

BPVC is also continually kept current by committees comprising more than 1,000 technical experts. This ensures that the Code is always being developed to reflect advancements in design, in materials and from the evidence of experience.

Where is the code used?

ASME BPVC is now adopted in part or in its entirety by all 50 states and numerous municipalities and territories of the United States and all the provinces of Canada. More than 100,000 copies of the BPVC are in use in 100 countries around the world, with translations in a number of international languages.

Currently half of the world’s nuclear power plants incorporate all or portions of ASME nuclear codes and standards in their construction, operation, and/or maintenance. Sixty nations generally recognize and apply the BPVC, while 30 of the 44 nuclear nations purchase their nuclear components to specifications contained within ASME’s nuclear codes and standards. The nuclear sections of the BPVC reflect the best-practices of industry, while contributing to more than a half-century of safety for the general public.

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ASME BPVC.1-2021


ASME BPVC.2.A-2021 [1]


ASME BPVC.2.B-2021


ASME BPVC.2.C-2021


ASME BPVC.2.D.C-2021


ASME BPVC.2.D.M-2021


ASME Section 2 KIT




ASME BPVC.3.A-2021


ASME BPVC.3.1.NB-2021


ASME BPVC.3.1.NCD-2021 [2]


ASME BPVC.3.1.NE-2021


ASME BPVC.3.1.NF-2021


ASME BPVC.3.1.NG-2021


ASME BPVC.3.2-2021


ASME BPVC.3.3-2021


ASME BPVC.3.5-2021


ASME BPVC.4-2021


ASME BPVC.5-2021


ASME BPVC.6-2021


ASME BPVC.7-2021


ASME BPVC.8.1-2021


ASME BPVC.8.2-2021


ASME BPVC.8.3-2021


ASME Section 8 KIT


ASME BPVC.9-2021


ASME BPVC.10-2021


ASME BPVC.11.1-2021


ASME BPVC.11.2-2021


ASME BPVC.12-2021


ASME BPVC.13-2021 [3]






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2021 ASME BPVC Binder Labels


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[1] Includes 30002A and 3002A2.

[2] ASME BPVC.3.1.NCD is a new section. It merges and supersedes ASME BPVC.3.1.NC and ASME BPVC.3.1.ND.

[3] ASME BPVC.13 is a new section.

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