Crane design

BSI publishes a wide range of standards and publications on crane and machinery-related health and safety. These include codes of practice for operating and supervising personnel, requirements for the design of cranes, and guidelines for inspection, testing and examination.

The misuse of cranes through lack of knowledge and understanding of hazards and safe working procedures is a major cause of accidents. BSI standards and publications will help you minimize risks and meet essential health and safety requirements of regulations such as the Machinery Directive.

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Key standards:

BS 8888:2017
Technical product documentation and specification 

BS EN 14439:2006
Cranes. Safety. Tower cranes

BS 8454:2006
Code of practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue

BS EN 1993-6:2007
Eurocode 3.  Design of steel structures.  Crane supporting structures

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