Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment

Safe and reliable equipment is essential for patient safety and quality of care in anaesthesia and respiratory medicine.

If you design, develop, produce, install or service any medical device you need to comply with the requirements set out in the relevant European Directives:

Standardization in the field of anaesthetic and respiratory equipment involves the production of a wide variety of standards in relation to anaesthetic machines, lung ventilators and medical gas supply and breathing systems.

Clinicians, government agencies and representatives of manufacturers work together within BSI committees to produce a body of international standards which will serve to facilitate the exchange of goods and services by eliminating technical barriers while taking account of health and safety issues (for both patient and operator) and environmental protection.

The committees in this area are currently heavily involved in the production of a series of ISO 8835 standards which when complete will provide a truly international standard for anaesthetic equipment.    

BS EN ISO 8835-3:2009+A1:2010
Inhalational anaesthesia systems. Transfer and receiving systems of active anaesthetic gas scavenging systems

BS EN ISO 8835-2:2009
Inhalational anaesthesia systems. Anaesthetic breathing systems (ISO 8835-2:2007)v

BS EN ISO 8835-4:2009
Inhalational anaesthesia systems. Anaesthetic vapour delivery devices

BS EN ISO 8835-5:2009
Inhalational anaesthesia systems. Anaesthesia ventilators

BS EN ISO 10651-2:2009
Lung ventilators for medical use. Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance. Home care ventilators for ventilator-dependent patients

BS EN ISO 8185:2009
Respiratory tract humidifiers for medical use. Particular requirements for respiratory humidification systems

BS EN ISO 8359:2009
Oxygen concentrators for medical use. Safety requirements

BS EN ISO 18778:2009
Respiratory equipment. Infant monitors. Particular requirements

BS EN ISO 5366-1:2009
Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment. Tracheostomy tubes. Tubes and connectors for use in adults

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