BS 7000 Series – Design Management Systems

Research has revealed that organizations that evolve a framework for long-term innovation react faster to threats or surprises, are more likely to take effective action and are better at sustaining the momentum of change. As such, they are more likely to succeed.

In light of this, BSI British Standards has revised the BS 7000 series of standards. These revisions incorporate many suggestions from both users and non-users to make the standard more accessible and immediately useful.

BS 7000-1:2008 Design management systems. Guide to managing innovation

BS 7000-1 gives guidance on managing innovation: specifically the development of innovative and competitive products that will satisfy the customer’s perceived and latent needs in the long-term future (the generation after the generation beyond those currently under development). It does not encompass continuous improvement in the short term.

This standard stretches the horizon of design management and should be used by those with overall responsibility for an organization's well being to plan future product strategies and so help ensure long-term survival.

BS 7000-2:2008 Design management systems. Guide to managing the design of manufactured products

BS 7000-2 gives guidance on managing the design of all types of manufactured products and provides an overview at both project and corporate level.

BS 7000-3:1994 Design management systems. Guide to managing service design

BS 7000-3 gives guidance on the management of the design of service at all levels, for all design organizations and all types of service.

BS 7000-4:1996 Design management systems. Guide to managing design in construction

BS 7000-4:1996 provides guidance on managing the design process within the construction industry. It is intended for those who work in, or interact with, the construction industry.

BS 7000-6:2005 Design management systems. Managing inclusive design. Guide

BS 7000-6 provides the guidelines for adoption of inclusive approach to  to design of products.

BS 7000-10:2008 Design management systems. Vocabulary of terms used in design management

BS 7000-10 lists the definitions of over 150 key terms used in design and its management, including those that have particular meanings when used in different areas of industry and commerce.

BS 7000-5, the standard in the BS 7000 series that covers managing obsolescence, has been withdrawn and replaced by BS EN 62402:2007.

Also available:

BS EN 62402:2007 Obsolescence management. Application guide

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. Requirements and implementation


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