FAQs for Construction Expert Customers

What’s happening to my Construction Expert subscription?
You should have received a letter from Barbour informing you of their intention to close down the Construction Expert service on 30 June 2008. If you have any specific queries on your Construction Expert subscription then please contact your Barbour account manager.

I’m interested in accessing British Standards, how can I do that?
One of the best ways of accessing a range of British Standards is via BSI’s flagship database of standards, British Standards Online (BSOL). All of the British Standards in the Construction Expert service are available on BSOL, a web service delivering bibliographic and citation information as well as the full-text of the standard directly to your desktop.

What is British Standards Online (BSOL)?
British Standards Online (BSOL) is BSI’s flagship product of British Standards. It delivers construction standards information (as well as a broader range of disciplines) directly to your desktop.

What are the benefits of using BSOL? How can it help me?
BSOL provides:

  • Direct access to information from your desktop
  • Search, browse and download the information you need when you need it
  • Most comprehensive maintained, organized, indexed and stored collection with no investment on your part
  • 24/7 instant unlimited access whether it’s for one user to multi-users
  • Access to draft standards – a first glance to what is being proposed
  • Powerful searching
  • Alerting and notification function
  • Useful results handling
  • A dedicated support team to help you navigate the product
  • 53 modules arranged by subject and industry to choose from.

What packages and modules are available on BSOL?
There are a number of options in accessing the British Standards via BSOL and specifically for you we suggest one of the following:

Select Option A where you choose any 5 modules from the 53 modules. Modules relevant to you are:

  • GBM48 Construction in General
  • GBM49 Building Materials & Components
  • GBM50 Building Installations & Finishing
  • GBM51 Civil Engineering

And another module of your choice – see full list on BSOL.


Custom Collection – these are individual standards across all modules in bundles from 50 to a maximum of 200, enabling you to choose a discrete list of standards

How does BSOL compare with the Construction Expert Service?
We understand that access to British Standards is a central component of the Construction Expert service, so BSOL will provide online access to the same British Standards that you were using in the Construction Expert service.

How do I access BSOL?
Just let us know that you are interested in BSOL by completing this short form and a BSI representative will talk through the next steps and options open to you. Alternatively, call our customer services team on +44 345 086 9001 and say that you are a Construction Expert customer. We will be able to provide a quote depending on the options best for you and your organization.

How much will access to BSOL cost me?
The cost of an annual subscription to BSOL is determined by a number of factors, including the content that you require, the number of users that need access. Please contact us on +44 345 086 9001 or complete the short form on the website so that we can discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

When can I get access to BSOL?
We can set you up with access to BSOL so that you are ready to use it on 1 July 2008 (subject to contract and conditions). This ensures you have a smooth transition to BSOL and that your access to valuable British Standards is not affected.

I’m a BSI Member. Does that entitle me to anything?
Yes, if you are a BSI Member, you are entitled to 50% off the list price of BSOL. You’ll benefit from a reduced rate and we’ll be able to get you online as quickly and easily as possible.

I’m not a BSI Member. What is BSI Membership?
BSI Membership is an annual subscription that provides access to an exclusive range of business information services aimed at helping any organization prosper in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Access to BSOL at a reduced rate is just one of the many benefits and services that BSI Members receive.

Learn more about BSI Memberhsip.

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