Disability access

Since the implementation of Equality Act, a company faces prosecution if their premises are inaccessible to people with disabilities. Companies must take reasonable steps to ensure that as many disabled people as possible have full access to goods, services and places of interest.

Improvements are not restricted to building access, but also include the introduction of additional features such as grab rails, touch legible signs and visual and audio alarm systems.

BSI has a range of products to help businesses assess and implement the necessary changes. These essential guides will:

  • Provide all necessary guidance and best practice
  • Build compliance manuals
  • Integrate with existing documentation/systems
  • Manage actions and review
  • Report on ‘gaps’ in business systems
  • Allow flexible reporting options including export to PDF 

BS 8300-1:2018 
Design of accessible and inclusive built environment. Buildings. Code of practice

BS 8300-2:2018 
Design of accessible and inclusive built environment. Buildings. Code of practice

BS 9266:2013
Design of accessible and adaptable general needs housing. Code of practice

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