BS 8517 series for security and detection dogs

What is BS 8517?

At the BS 8517 Series for Security and Detection Dogs Launch Event, we talked to the people responsible for developing this series of standards. Watch the video below and find out more about this series.

Having the presence of a well-presented and fully trained security patrol dog or detection dog with a qualified handler, can often act as an effective visual warning.

Security patrol dogs are used for a wide variety of assignments, including guarding high value commercial premises, construction/building sites and open spaces. They are also utilized for the operational use of a detection dog alongside a detection dog handler to provide passive and proactive detection services, e.g. drugs, firearms, munitions and explosives. Using security and detection dogs as additional security methods, bring many advantages to their handlers including their heightened senses of smell, vision and hearing.

The BS 8517 series include:

  • BS 8517-1 Security dogs – Part 1: Code of practice for the use of general security dogs
  • BS 8517-2 Security dogs – Part 2: Code of practice for the use of detection dogs

These standards provide recommendations for procuring security dog services to ensure the service fits the end users requirements and risk profile. 

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