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BSI has published nine documents for nanotechnology terminology and guidance for UK industry, addressing nanotechnology terminology, health and safety issues, and product labelling.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is an emergent area that is developing quickly. It is the branch of science and engineering that studies and exploits the unique behaviour of materials at a scale of approximately 1-100 nanometres.

Nanotechnology is widely seen to offer huge potential for development in fields as diverse as healthcare, IT and energy generation and storage. Interest in nanotechnology is growing rapidly, and governments and businesses across the world have begun to invest heavily in it.

Why standards for nanotechnologies are important

Standards will help to ensure that nanotechnology is developed and commercialised in an open, safe and responsible manner and will support:

  • Safety testing, legislation and regulation
  • Worker, public and environmental safety
  • Commercialisation and procurement
  • Patenting and IPR
  • Communication about the benefits, opportunities and potential problems associated with nanotechnologies.


PAS 71 Vocabulary. Nanoparticles

PAS 131 Terminology for medical, health and personal care appPcations of nanotechnologies

PAS 132 Terminology for the bio-nano interface

PAS 133 Terminology for nanoscale measurement and instrumentation

PAS 134 Terminology for carbon nanostructures

PAS 135 Terminology for nanofabrication

PAS 136 Terminology for nanomaterials


PAS 130 Guidance on the labelling of manufactured nanoparticles and products containing manufactured nanoparticles

PD 6699-1:2007 Nanotechnologies. Good practice guide for specifying manufactured nanomaterials

PD 6699-2:2007 Nanotechnologies. Guide to safe handling and disposal of manufactured nanomaterials 


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