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nano coloured flakesAlpha Galileo - EU news site for science and technology developments

AZoNano – The A to Z of nanotechnology

BIS Department for Business Innovation and Skills

CEN (European Committee for Standardization) - TC 352 Nanotechnologies


Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Nanotechnologies - Defra

Institute of Occupational Medicine -  IOM 

Institute of Nanotechnology - ION 

Institute of Physics Nanotechweb:

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC ) - TC 113 Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) - TC 229 Nanotechnologies

Materials KTN


Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA)

Nanotechnology KTN

Nanotechnology Now – Gateways to everything nanotech.

Nanowerk – Nanotechnology portal, the world’s most comprehensive nanotechnology and nanoscience resources

National Physical Laboratory - NPL 




Safety of Nano-materials Interdisciplinary Research Centre - SnIRC 

“Nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties”  (Published 29 July 2004, The Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering)

The UK Government’s Response to the joint Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering report 'Nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties' (Published February 2005, Office of Science & Technology) [pdf 334KB]


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Image credit: nanoteam NHM

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