NTI/1 "Nanotechnologies" - Committee Activities

image: Purple HeartThe UK National Committee for Nanotechnologies, NTI/1, was established in June 2004 with a remit to develop standards for nanotechnologies and promote their use by industry and other stakeholders.  

The committee, which meets four times a year, is chaired by Dr Peter Hatto, Director of Research for IonBond Ltd.

The NTI/1 committee has an active programme of work, which to date has included:

  • 10 publications for free download
  • a survey of UK nanotechnology stakeholders to establish standardization needs in nanotechnologies
  • securing chair and secretariat of ISO/TC 229 "Nanotechnologies" and CEN/TC 352 "Nanotechnologies"
  • review of and comment on relevant national and international reports on nanotechnologies
  • submissions to consultations on nanotechnologies
  • stakeholder engagement through presentations at various national and international meetings, conferences and seminars
  • contributions on nanotechnologies standardization to newspapers and journals
  • definition and development of further new work item proposals
  • active participation in ISO/TC 229, CEN/TC 352 and observer status in IEC/TC 113
  • working with Government to define and shape standards activities relevant to future regulatory requirements.


Image credit: MNT Network
Dr Nguyen TK Thanh - Centre for Nanoscale Science, University of Liverpool
Image title: Purple Heart


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