BSI Committee for Nanotechnologies (NTI/1)

image: LiposomesUK standardization in the evolving field of nanotechnologies is the responsibility of the BSI technical committee NTI/1. This technical committee (TC) was established in June 2004 and has the following Terms of Reference:

  • to mirror the work of ISO/TC 229 "Nanotechnologies", IEC/TC 113 "Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems" and CEN/TC 352 "Nanotechnologies"
  • to formulate a UK strategy for standardization in nanotechnologies through a broad consultation with relevant stakeholders
  • to ensure the UK view is given due consideration within the European Union, CEN, ISO and IEC
  • to develop and support formal standards and other standardization documents in the area of nanotechnologies and to promote their use by industry and other stakeholders
  • to ensure due consideration of the need for standards and standardization is given by UK nanotechnology networks and organisations, and to coordinate activities and actions in this area.

The committee, chaired by Dr Charles Clifford, currently has members from approximately 35 organizations, including trade and industry associations, professional institutions, academia, industry and government departments/agencies. Membership is planned to increase over time in order to have broad representation from all stakeholder groups. Liaisons are maintained with a wide range of interested organizations.

Further enquiries regarding the activities of NTI/1 should be addressed to the Secretary, Mr Alex Price, or the Chairman, Dr Charles Clifford.

Image credit: MNT Network
Photographer - David McCarthy
Artist - Annie Cavanagh, School of Pharmacy, University of London
Image title: Liposomes


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