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Information Governance

“Information can have great value as an organisational asset but can be a toxic liability if not handled properly”. UK Information Commissioner’s Annual Report 2007/08

Advances in new technologies now make it easier for organizations to collect personal data and provide more targeted services to their customers. However, these same advances may cause concern about privacy, especially regarding proportionality and retention of personal information.

Whilst data breaches are rarely out of the headlines, most of high-profile cases are not caused by hackers or thieves, but by bad business processes and policies.

Information governance - increasingly seen as a critical component of corporate governance - is not just about ensuring information is secure. Good information governance covers the management, sharing and retention of information, so that an organization can meet its corporate objectives, customer needs and regulatory obligations

All organizations ‑ whether public, private or third (not-for-profit) sector ‑ face an ever-increasing challenge of information governance. It is a challenge that can be met by an effective governance methodology underpinned by standards.

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Standards and Publications

Standards play an important role in helping organizations achieve good information governance. Whatever the size of your organization, BSI has guidance to help.

The adoption of standards developed to support these disciplines will assist in the effective management of information assets and personal data. The following key areas have been identified as the four pillars of information governance:

Effective management of records and electronic documents
Read more about information and documentation management, including BS ISO 15489-1

Maintenance of document authenticity (especially of relevance if this needs to be proven in a court of law)
Read more about managing evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic documents

Secure management of information
Read more about information security

Compliance with data protection legislation
Read more about managing personal information

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