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The UDC Online is the Complete Edition of UDC with additional functionality. Originally intended for organizing documentation on everything that had ever been written, UDC has exceeded its parent, the Dewey Decimal Classification, both in the size of its vocabulary and its indexing capabilities.

It was produced and researched in association and with representation from the following industry experts:

  • CILIP (Chartered Institution of Library and Information Professionals)
  • National Information Services and Systems (NISS)
  • Society of Indexers
  • Standing Conference of National and University Libraries.

Derived from the Master Reference File (MRF) from the UDC Consortium, UDC Online contains all available references and classification and has over 65,000 entries.

UDC Online has been given a complete overhaul by BSI and is now owned and run by us.

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£50** + VAT p.a. for each additional user

*This price entitles one user (1-2 users /1 site) to unlimited use of BSI UDC Online for one year to be used to assess the subscribing organization only.

** For multi-user and enterprise pricing contact our dedicated sales team on +44 (0) 20 8996 7555

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What can UDC Online do for you?

A highly flexible and effective system for organizing bibliographic records for all kinds of information in any medium including organizing and recording books, bibliographic records, information resources and even objects such as stamps and coins.

UDC Online is an enhanced version of the Complete Edition. The enhanced functionality includes

  • Number building facility to help construct complex UDC numbers.
  • Aility for multiple search strategies.

The Online version is available on a yearly subscription and is competitively priced.

Its main strength however is that it preserves a logical structure and works equally well whether it is used only at an abridged level or applied to its full extent.

UDC can be used for organizing and recording different kinds of objects, files, books or information resources. The scheme has been used to classify motion pictures by subject, map collections by place, and to catalogue collections of stamps, coins and metal soldiers.

Features of UDC Online

A one-year UDC Online subscription offers:

  • Complete content of UDC database
  • Number building facility helps you to construct complex UDC numbers and see the result developing on screen
  • Search and view online
  • Cut and paste functionality - save time and effort and avoid transcription errors
  • User-friendly screens
  • Multiple search strategies
  • Database search for specific terms and numbers. Use customized dictionary or hierarchy of UDC numbers to refine results.

Who should use UDC Online?

In fact, UDC can be used to index anything to exploit a field of interest to the full, and to enable efficient retrieval of information. UDC is now being used to arrange directories on the internet. Its application spreads almost universally across:

  • Libraries
  • - shelf arrangement

    - information retrieval (classified catalogues)

    - collection management (acquisition, circulation statistics, weeding)

  • Museums and archives
  • - collection management

    - objects indexing and retrieval

    - collection display

  • Bibliographies and bibliographic databases
  • - subject information navigation

    - information retrieval

  • Information services
  • - selective dissemination of information (user’s profile description)

  • Internet
  • - subject gateways (information presentation and navigation)

    - metadata (information discovery).

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