About information and records management

Every organization produces, transmits, digests and stores information. For a company to operate effectively it needs to have the right information in the right place at the right time. Equally the misuse, copying, theft, loss and abuse of information can be the cause of litigation and even business failure.

Everything an organization does involves information in some way, so businesses need to ensure that it is used properly and carefully. Modern computers and communication systems can store information, process it and make it accessible in ways never before achieved.

This can be of great additional benefit but can also enhance opportunities for misuse, theft, loss and abuse, and, in particular, indiscriminate dissemination of information.

BSI has the answers

Because businesses are dependent on their information it is essential that it is managed effectively in its original format - electronic, paper or microform - and however it is stored.

To help implement responsible and effective information management solutions, BSI British Standards publishes a wealth of information covering legal admissibility, records management, archiving and scanning.

This includes national and international standards, and invaluable guidance documents - all ensuring that an organization’s information is well managed and meets their business needs.

Business Benefits

By implementing our recognised and highly acclaimed information management processes businesses can ensure that their information is:

  • classified
  • structured
  • validated
  • valued
  • secured
  • measured
  • managed
  • meets regulatory requirements.

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