About E-learning

BSI British Standards supports the UK as a leading contributor to standards development in IT for learning and education. Such standards have no impact on the use of IT in this area.

In collaboration with representatives from business, government and society, BSI develops standards in this field that will help:

  • promote innovation, productivity and competitive advantage
  • ensure reliability and compatibility
  • promote sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge
  • support public policy implementation
  • remove unnecessary costs and complexity
  • improve access to products and services.

BSI’s formal standards committee for this area, IST/43, is working with international standards organizations and consortia to develop and tailor standards for the UK. The programme focuses on the following initiatives:

  • agreeing standards for metadata in learning technology
  • defining interoperability for computer systems and between content and learning management software
  • exploring online delivery of assessments
  • agreeing a standard for student identifiers.

In alliance with the DfES

BSI is a Technical Infrastructure Partner to the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). BSI's standardization programme is key to government policy, with the role of standards featuring prominently in the DfES e-learning strategy.

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