IT in education

Over the past ten years, e-learning has become a key service offered by most colleges and universities, forms the core of numerous business plans, and is a major strategy within the Department for Education and Skills. Together with representatives from business, government and society, BSI is working to standardize this fast-developing field. 

BS ISO/IEC 23988:2007
Information technology. A code of practice for the use of information technology (IT) in the delivery of assessments

Developments in the capabilities of IT have led to its growing use to deliver, score and record responses of tests and assessments in a wide range of educational and other contexts. Suitably used, IT delivery offers advantages

of speed and efficiency, better feedback and improvements in validity and reliability, but its increased use has raised issues about the security and fairness of IT-delivered assessments, as well as resulting in a wide range of different practices.   

BS ISO/IEC 19796-3:2009
Information technology. Learning, education and training. Quality management, assurances and metrics. Reference methods and metrics 

BS ISO/IEC 24751-3:2008
Information technology. Individualized adaptability and accessibility in e-learning, education and training. 'Access for all' digital resource description 

PAS 74:2008
Internet safety. Access control systems for the protection of children online. Specification 

BS 8426:2003
A code of practice for e-support in e-learning systems  

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