Invitation to participate in the “Driver Safe 2015” Research Project

14 May 2013

Posted by Thaslima Begum

The “Driver Safe 2015” Research Project is a large scale innovative scientific research study taking place from 2013 to 2015.

The study, which is supported both by BSI and UK based road safety charity Brake seeks to investigate whether it is possible to predict a drivers “inherent” in vehicle risk status using a Psychometric and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Profiling approach.

Driving "at work" is one of the most dangerous activities an employer will ever ask an employee to undertake on their behalf and "at work" journeys account for one third of all road deaths in the UK.
This research aims to investigate if it is possible to demonstrate a causative relationship between a drivers inherent Psychometric Profile, EI Profile, personality characteristics and their level of actual “in vehicle risk status”. Thus their likely predisposition to being involved in a driving related incident.

It would appear reasonable to assume that there may well be some level of inter-relationship between driver’s personality characteristics, their overall attitude to driving and their behaviour behind the wheel.

It is therefore hoped that the ability to identify and predict inherently “higher risk” drivers will make it possible to highlight intrinsic "higher risk" pre-disposition associated with the specific driver concerned. Relevant prophylactic targeted interventions can then be implemented such as driver training to encourage safer driver practices.

By highlighting particular behaviours with the driver in question, this will raise their awareness of their higher than average levels of risk when driving. Such prophylactic interventions will therefore make it possible to reduce the likelihood of the specific driver being involved in a future vehicle related accident.
This research project is being officially launched at Brake's "Best of the Best" Conference in June 2013 and will take place over the next 24-36 months. It will involve the participation of over 5,000 drivers drawn from a wide range of prestigious participating UK organizations. 

Indeed a number of major UK companies including The Co-operative Society, UCB Pharma and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association have already started to participate in the pre-launch phase.

It is planned to involve a diverse population of participating drivers who undertake "at work" journeys in a range of different vehicle types used for business  e.g. car, van, truck etc, drawn from different industry sectors.

Organizations interested in participating in this innovative research study should contact: Dr Jim Golby PhD FCIPD, the Director of Research and Customer Experience from Applied Driving Techniques directly on either 07768 776128 or 01489 883230.

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