Food and Drinks Standards Portfolio

There are over 800 Food and Drink standards available, covering the following areas:

General methods of tests & analysis for food products 56       
Sensory analysis  25
Food products in general 2
Cereals, pulses and derived products 47
Fruit and vegetables   16
Milk and milk products 172
Meat, meat products and other animal products  26
Tea, coffee, cocoa 44
Beverages  35
Chocolate, sugar, sugar products and starch 29
Edible oils and fats and oilseeds      125
Spices, condiments and food additives  52
Food safety management  1
Processes in the food industry  7
Plant and equipment for the food industry  50
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs  104
Information security 2
Quality management 4
Environmental management  2
Occupational health and safety  3
IT Service Management        2

* Current standards - January 2006


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