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BSI Structural Eurocodes CompanionResponding to market demand, BSI British Standards has published an unbiased 64-page ‘companion guide’ to the structural Eurocodes - the new pan-European set of standards for designing and building civil engineering works. The Eurocodes are due to come into force in March 2010 and will replace many existing British standards.

This short companion guide is available free and is written by leading industry experts from the world of standards and further afield. It delivers practical and timely advice on how the new codes will work and how they might benefit construction professionals.

The Guide covers important issues regarding the structural Eurocodes including:

  • What are the Eurocodes?
  • Why are they so important?
  • Who produced the Eurocodes?
  • What is the target date for their introduction into the UK?
  • Are Eurocodes mandatory?
  • How will they be used?
  • Background to the Eurocode programme
  • The benefits and opportunities of Eurocodes
  • Structure of Eurocodes
  • The role of National Annexes
  • The position non-contradictory complementary information (NCCI)
  • Eurocodes and the international market. 

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