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SD We first became involved in Eurocode developments going back over ten years ago now and then through the last ten years obviously our knowledge has developed considerably through being very active in BSI committees and SEN committees and supporting our clients in their development of their implementation strategies. We’ve worked very very closely with a lot of the leading infrastructure clients to support them during the transition. Internally what have we done? We’ve been briefing and training our staff, which we started going back at least four years ago now; initially with a programme of awareness training and then more recently detailed technical training.

In addition to that we’ve put in place new processes to support our teams undertaking Eurocode designs. We obviously have a core of Eurocode experts and one of the things that we’re looking to maximise is the opportunity for that expertise to be useful to all our clients across all of the projects that we work on. So as I said we’ve put in place processes to make sure that there’s a strong dialogue and support and review being undertaken of each step of a Eurocode design project and for that dialogue to happen between the teams that are engaged on that scheme and our core team of expert. In addition to that we’ve put some software tools in place.

One of the things that I see is the fact, when you have a big change like this it gives you a bit of an opportunity. It’s a bit of opportunity to put in place some better knowledge management systems, some better use of IT, some better use of technology, some opportunities for broader training and that’s certainly something which we’ve sought to capitalise on.

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