Haig - How shall businesses prepare themselfes for Eurocodes


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HG Professor Haig Gulvanessian

HG There are two aspects to implementing the Eurocodes.  Number one concerns the business itself and number two concerns the staff of the business.  When it comes to the business itself I’ve already touched on it.  The business has got to try and have a strategy of implementation where it takes advantage of the benefits and does not lose out from the threats.  For example, a business may make collaboration with a company in areas where the cost of design is cheaper than the UK.  So, the strategy of implementing is very important.

When it comes to staff, the Eurocodes, although they cover the same scope, are different.  The way they’ve been written, there are some new rules coming in etc so there needs to be training.  And, in fact, in the UK, UK training organisations, trade organisations etc are very, very active in this.

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