Is your Eurocodes collection up to date?

The Structural Eurocodes are a set of harmonized European standards for the design of buildings and civil engineering structures. The Structural Eurocodes will replace existing British Standards when they are adopted in March 2010. These must be used with a UK National Annex in order to comply with requirements in the UK.

Please note that only some of the Eurocodes have a clear supersession relationship with the British Standards structural design codes. This may mean that you will require additional Eurocodes along with their National Annexes to carry out structural design in the UK.

We strongly recommend that you review your structural design requirements in the lead up to the full implementation of the Eurocodes in March 2010 and amend your PLUS list accordingly.

The table below will assist you in doing this. It shows the supersession relationship between the old and new standards and indicates which documents are recommended for different types of design. Should you wish to add any Eurocodes or National Annexes to your PLUS list, you can do so free of charge before 31st November 2009*.

The table also includes references to Non-Contradictory Complementary Information (NCCI). These are not essential for compliance with Eurocodes in the UK but are recommended by the committees as they provide further guidance.  

*Any changes to your list after this date will be subject to the standard £25 administration charge


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