BS EN 1998-5:2004 Eurocode 8. Design of structures for earthquake resistance. Foundations, retaining structures and geotechnical aspects

BS EN 1998-5 establishes the requirements, criteria, and rules for the siting and foundation soil of structures for earthquake resistance. It covers the design of different foundation systems, the design of earth retaining structures and soil-structure interaction under seismic actions. As such it complements Eurocode 7 which does not cover the special requirements of seismic design.

The provisions of Part 5 apply to buildings (BS EN 1998-1), bridges (BS EN 1998-2), towers, masts and chimneys (BS EN 1998-6), silos, tanks and pipelines (BS EN 1998-4). BS EN 1998-5 also contains empirical charts for simplified evaluation of liquefaction potential and gives a simplified procedure for seismic analysis of retaining structures.

BS EN 1998-4:2004 supersedes DD ENV 1998-5:1994.

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