BS EN 1998-1:2004 Eurocode 8. Design of structures for earthquake resistance. General rules, seismic actions and rules for buildings

BS EN 1998-1 applies to the design of buildings and civil engineering works in seismic regions.
BS EN 1998-1 deals with:

  • Basic performance requirements and compliance criteria applicable to buildings and civil engineering works in seismic regions
  • Rules for the representation of seismic actions and for their combination with other actions
  • Fundamental requirements and other relevant aspects of design and safety related to base isolation of structures and specifically to base isolation of buildings
  • General design rules relevant specifically to buildings. Contain specific rules for various structural materials and elements, relevant specifically to buildings as follows:
    - concrete
    - steel
    - composite steel-concrete
    - timber
    - masonry

BS EN 1998-1:2004 supersedes DD ENV 1998-1-1:1996, DD ENV 1998-1-2:1996,
DD ENV 1998-1-3:1996 which are withdrawn.

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