Eurocode 1: Actions on structures

BS EN 1991

BS EN 1991 provides comprehensive information on all actions that should normally be considered in the design of buildings and civil engineering works.

It is in four main parts.

The first part is divided into seven sub-parts that cover densities, self-weight and imposed loads; actions due to fire; snow; wind; thermal actions; loads during execution and accidental actions.

The remaining three parts cover traffic loads on bridges, actions by cranes and machinery and actions in silos and tanks.


BS EN 1991-1-1

General actions. Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings
Replaces BS 6399-1

BS EN 1991-1-2

General actions. Actions on structures exposed to fire

BS EN 1991-1-3

General actions. Snow loads
Replaces BS 6399-3

BS EN 1991-1-4 

General actions. Wind actions
Replaces BS 6399-2

BS EN 1991-1-5

General actions. Thermal actions

BS EN 1991-1-6

General actions. Actions during execution

BS EN 1991-1-7

General actions. Accidental actions

BS EN 1991-2 

Traffic loads on bridges

BS EN 1991-3

Actions induced by cranes and machines

BS EN 1991-4 Silos and tanks

PD 6688-1-2 Background paper to the UK national Annex to BS EN 1991-1-2

PD 6688-1-4 Background information to the National Annex to BS EN 1991-1-4 and additional guidance

PD 6688-1-7 Background paper to the UK National Annex to BS EN 1991-1-7

PD 6688-2 Proposed title: Recommendations for the design of structures to BS EN 1991-2


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