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BS EN 1996-3:2006

Eurocode 6.
Design of masonry structures Simplified calculation methods and simple rules for masonry structures

BS EN 1996-2:2006
Eurocode 6.
Design of masonry structures Design considerations, selection of materials and execution of masonry

Details of each Eurocode can be found by following the links from the left-hand menu.

The Eurocodes generally cover a more comprehensive scope than the equivalent BSI British Standards' codes.

Where items covered by BSI codes are not covered in the Eurocode, BSI will issue residual standards covering these items. The residual standards will be written to conform to the principles of the Eurocodes.

BSI is heavily involved in many aspects of the development of Eurocodes. Our involvement includes:

  • publishing the Eurocodes in the UK together with the UK National Annex
  • organising mirror committees for every Eurocode, through which all UK comments are routed.
  • BSI holds the influential position for the secretariat for CEN/TC 250.

The mirror committees organised by BSI also:

  • consider both the technical aspects and the economic impact of the Eurocodes
  • recommend and manage calibrations against the appropriate BSI standards
  • manage the production of the national annex.
  • choose the national delegations to the CEN Eurocode meetings.


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