Building relationships with sustainable procurement

Customers and other stakeholders are demanding that you consider the future when making purchasing decisions.

What's more, making purchasing decisions based on wider costs can help you achieve increased efficiency, better morale, and more stable relationships with suppliers and markets.

So how do you start gaining the benefits sustainable buying can bring?

Sustainable procurement means considering the wider public when making purchasing decisions, adding a ‘triple bottom line’ to the cost of products and services. It’s a concept that’s already established in the public sector, and is now gaining traction in the private sector too.  

Mark Chamberlain, head of procurement at BAE systems,  says "Understanding how our products, operations, and supply chain contribute to our overall environmental impact is fundamental to our business going forward."   

"Sustainable procurement is more than just buying 'Green' products" says Geoff Stafford, Ethical Trading & Sustainability Purchasing Manager at HSBC Bank. "It's another way of looking at how a firm spends its money. It can mean buying better products, but it can also mean buying products that were made in more environmentally and socially positive places and working with suppliers that share your own firm's values and support the communities in which they operate."  

BS 8903 is a ‘world first’ standard, a best practice document which can help organizations apply the principles of sustainable procurement. It provides initial guidance for newcomers, as well as an organized roadmap for those who may have years of sustainability under their belts. It's a practical guide to embedding sustainable procurement principles and practices across your organization and its supply chain. It also includes guidance on how to measure your success.

So why not use BS 8903 to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you're making purchasing decisions with the future in mind?

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