Get involved with BS 10175 Investigation of potentially contaminated sites. Code of practice

BSI is looking for an industry expert to write the revision of BS 10175. The revision of the standard will be fully funded by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Please complete this short form to express your interest in writing the revision of BS 10175.

About BS 10175:2001:

BS 10175 is the key guidance document in the UK for the investigation of potentially contaminated sites or where there are naturally elevated concentrations of potentially toxic substances. It is wider in scope than much of the other UK guidance on the investigation of potentially contaminated sites. It is referenced in guidance documents produced by industry, local authorities, the Environment Agency, DEFRA and a range of other bodies. It is also often cited in Conditions to planning permissions. It is therefore essential that it is technically correct and up to date.

BS 10175:2001 urgently needs revision to:

  • Align it, where appropriate, with the ISO 10381 series of standards and other
    International Standards relating to sampling and other aspects of site investigation
  • Update references to UK legislation and regulations as well as to all relevant UK authoritative guidance documents
  • Update the technical content taking into account, where appropriate, recently published relevant UK authoritative guidance documents
  • Stress the need for consistent sample pre-treatment steps by laboratories prior to analysis to ensure comparability of results
  • Include additional guidance on how to take samples in such a way to enable estimation of measurement uncertainty arising from the sampling and sample preparation procedures
  • Extend the guidance on the application of on/at-site measurement and screening methods.

Tasks involved with the revision of BS 10175:

(i) Informal wide circulation of the present document with an invitation to comment and collation of any comments received
(ii) Production of a Working Draft of the revised document in consultation with members of Steering Group of BSI EH4 for full circulation within the BSI EH4 Committee for comment
(iii) Production of a Draft for Public Comment (DPC) taking into account the comments received from EH4 (this will be approved by EH4 and edited by BSI prior to circulation)
(iv) Collation of comments received on the draft
(v) Preparation of recommendations to EH4 on how to deal with the comments
(vi) Preparation of a final pre-publication draft for approval by BSI EH4.

Your experience:

You should be well informed about all aspects of contaminated land, have experience of preparing guidance documents, and preferably knowledgeable about standardization processes both nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in writing this draft please let us know by Monday 9th November 2009.

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