Event to discuss the draft of BS 10175:2001 Investigation of potentially contaminated sites — Code of practice

What will happen at the BS 10175 event?

This event will give you a background to the development of the revised and updated version of BS 10175. You will have the opportunity to give us your feedback on the draft standard. This feedback will form a vital step in the document development before publication.

You will also get a free copy of the draft BS 10175 before the event so you can look at it beforehand.

What is BS 10175?

BS 10175 gives guidance on the investigation of potentially contaminated land. It also applies to land with naturally enhanced concentrations of potentially harmful materials to determine or manage any risks.

BS 10175 covers:

a)  Setting the objectives of an investigation
b)  Setting a strategy for the investigation
c)  Designing the different phases of the investigation
d)  Sampling and on-site testing
e)  Laboratory analysis
f)  Reporting, in order to obtain scientifically robust data on soil, groundwater, surface water and ground gas contamination.

Who should attend the BS 10175 event?

Anyone with some understanding of the risk-based approach to sites and site investigations, including:

  • Local authority and other regulators
  • Consulting engineers
  • Site investigation contractors
  • Environmental consultants
  • Land owners and developers
  • Analytical laboratories.

Solihull Event

Perth Event

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