Survey on BS25999 Usage




Some working in the field of BCM may not remember a time before standards, but for many of us in the field for longer, the work of the BSI's BCM Committee to create the world's first BCM standard was instrumental in developing much-needed consistency and credibility across the sector. The outcome of this work, BS 25999, has been at the heart of much of the subsequent development in the discipline, and the BSI has one of the most successful Management Standards ever issued.

As BS 25999 approaches its fourth birthday, the BSI's BCM committee is looking to assess the experience and opinions of hundreds of practitioners and BCM managers all around the world on how they are applying BS 25999 and its family of related standards and Published Documents in their organizations.

Consequently, the BCM committee has developed the BS 25999 2010 Survey, in conjunction with the Business Continuity Institute and the Continuity Forum, which they hope you will find the time to contribute to.

The BS 25999 2010 survey asks questions about the relevance of the standards to you, how they are being used or implemented, and seeks thoughts on areas for improvement or development. In addition to finding out what is working well, the survey also asks your views about what could be better, and seeks opinions on how to continue to align the standard to support your work in your organisation.

The deadline for completion is November 30th. All replies are confidential and a report summarising the findings will be made available for download in early 2011. 



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