Business continuity management guidance

BSI  is publishing a series of guidance documents that expand on key topics from the business continuity standard BS 25999.

The first two published documents (PD) , authored by the expert BCM/1 commitee who created the BS 25999 are now available:

Out now...

PD 25666 Business continuity management. Guidance on exercising and testing for continuity and contingency programmes

PD 25666 establishes the principles and terminology of exercising and gives guidance on the processes and methods for developing or improving continuity and contingency capabilities by:

  • Providing a basis for understanding, developing and implementing an effective exercise programme within an organization
  • Providing confidence in the organization's ability to conduct business continuity exercises and tests with internal and external stakeholders
  • Assisting the organization in developing and assessing its exercising and testing capability in a consistent, cost-effective and risk-assessed manner that reflects good practice
  • Encouraging constant improvement in contingency and continuity programmes within an organization.

PD 25111 Business continuity management. Guidance on human aspects of business continuity

PD 25111 provides guidance on the pre-planning and development of human resource requirements and policies for the stages following an incident:

  • Coping with the immediate effects of the incident
  • Managing people during the period of disruption
  • Supporting staff after recovery of normal operations.

All aspects of managing people in an organization remain the responsibility of the organization regardless of any outsourcing arrangements. This guidance supports Business Continuity as covered in BS25999.

PD 25888 Business continuity management. Guidance on organization recovery following disruptive incidents

PD 25888 gives guidance on the development and implementation of the business recovery element applicable to an organization's response to an incident.

It is applicable to business recovery management prior to, during and after an incident that disrupts an organization's ability to deliver its products and/or services.

PD 25222 Business continuity management. Guidance on supply chain continuity

PD 25222 will provide practical methods of understanding and extending the principles of Business Continuity Management, as embodied in BS 25999, to take account of third-party relationships

Who should use this series of documents?

This series supports business continuity management as covered in BS25999 and will be invaluable for anyone with responsibility for operations or the provision of services whether in public, private or not-for-profit organizations, including top management at all levels of the organization and from small to very large organizations.

This series is designed as a planning guide for organizations who may suffer a disruptive incident.


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