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This companion document to BS EN ISO 14031:2000 provides real-life examples of EPE that represent a range of applications from simple to elaborate. The examples will encourage and assist you by showing how EPE can be conducted, particularly if you work in SMEs, but are also relevant to businesses of any size, type or geographical location.


1 Scope
2 Terms and definitions
3 Format for the examples provided in this Technical Report
Annex A - Schreinerei Schmid, Abendsberg, Germany
Annex B - Clemens Härle Brewery, Leutkirch, Germany
Annex C - Frederiksborg Linnedservice A/S, Oelsted, Denmark
Annex D - Perusahaan Pelindung Getah, Malaysia
Annex E - Katayama Shokuhin Company, Shiunji Plant, Japan
Annex F - Envases Alvher, Mataderos Plant, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Annex G - Petroquimica Cuyo S.A.I.C., Western Argentina
Annex H - Immenstadt Clinic, Allgau Region, Southern Germany
Annex I - YPF Luján de Cuyo Refinery, Central Western Argentina
Annex J - Hipp Company, Pfaffenhofen/Ilm, Southern Germany
Annex K - United Chemical and Metallurgical Works (Spolek), Ustí nad Labem, Czech Republic
Annex L - Danish National Railway Agency, Denmark
Annex M - ElkemFiskaa Silicon, Kristiansand, Norway
Annex N - Electrolux AB, Sweden
Annex O - ICI, United Kingdom
Annex P - City of Seattle, Washington, USA
Annex Q - Silicon Valley Environmental Partnership, California, USA

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