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BSI has published the UKLeaP as a Draft for Development series. DD 8788 supports the immediate needs of learning and skills organizations within the UK, enabling them to exchange information about learners. It provides essential support for the developments required to meet key parts of the Government’s “Life Long Learning” agenda, and stimulates vendors to meet UK needs and market UK education internationally.

DD 8788-3 specifies the development of learner information packages used to join up separate records of learning in order to establish lifelong learner profiles within the UK centred upon the needs of the learner. The draft meets a new requirement for Lifelong Learning. While it offers a specification on which developers can build, it does not attempt to cover all possible scenarios.

DD 8788-3:

  • specifies the extensions that are used in developing a lifelong learner profile
  • establishes the basis for interoperability in the exchange of learner information between communicating systems
  • describes the information model for the learner information
  • describes many of the common data structures and provides several extension features

It also provides a structured information model. While this includes an XML binding, this does not exclude the use of other bindings. The information model contains both data and metadata about that data. The model defines fields for the data and the type of data that can be put into these fields.

Who should read this publication?

Those responsible for the technical implementation and conformance to the specifications of UKLeaP.


1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Verification of conformity
5 Information model overview
6 Core structures
7 Common data definitions
8 UK LeaP vocabularies
Annex (informative) XML binding

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