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Organizations are becoming increasingly interested in understanding the environmental issues associated with their sites and activities, or those of potential acquisitions.

These issues and their associated business consequences can be appraised by means of an  Environmental Assessment of the Site and Organization.

BS ISO 14015:2001 provides guidance on how to conduct an EASO through a systematic process of identifying environmental aspects and environmental issues and determining, if appropriate, their business consequences. It covers the roles and responsibilities of the parties to the assessment (the client, the assessor and the representative of the assessee), and the stages of the assessment process (planning, information gathering and validation, evaluation and reporting).

The standard can be used by all organizations, including small and medium-sized enterprises, operating anywhere in the world. Flexible in its application, it may be used for self assessments as well as external assessments, with or without the need to employ third parties. This standard applies to industry, past, present and possible future users of particular sites, and organizations with a financial interest in the industry or site (e.g. banks, insurance companies).


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2 Terms and definitions
3 Roles and responsibilities
4 Assessment
5 Reporting

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