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Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 19: Repair and overhaul for apparatus used in explosive atmospheres (other than mines or explosives)

Executive summary

Requirements for repair and overhaul of electrical apparatus used in explosive atmospheres.


This part of BS 60079 gives instructions, principally of a technical nature, on the repair, overhaul, reclamation and modification of a certified apparatus designed for use in explosive atmospheres (other then mining applications or explosive processing and manufacture). It is not applicable to maintenance, other than when repair and overhaul cannot be disassociated from maintenance, neither does it give advice on cable entry systems which may require renewal when the apparatus is re-installed. It assumes that good engineering practices are adopted throughout.

This British Standard not only gives guidance on the practical means of maintaining the electrical safety and performance requirements of repaired apparatus, but also defines procedures for maintaining, after repair, compliance of the apparatus with the provisions of the certificate of conformity or with the provisions of the appropriate explosion protection standard where a certificate is not available.

History and related standards

This British Standard includes the following cross references:

IEC 34, IEC 79, IEC 79-0:1983, IEC 79-1:1990, IEC 79-1A:1975, IEC 79-2:1983, IEC 79-7:1990, IEC 79-11:1991, IEC 79-14:1984, IEC 79-15:1987, IEC 85:1984, IEC 364:1989, IEC 529:1989, ISO 4526:1984, ISO 6158:1984, ISO 9000:1987.

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