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General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection

Executive summary

General requirements for the competence of impartial bodies performing inspection irrespective of the sector.


This International Standard specifies general criteria for the competence of impartial bodies performing inspection irrespective of the sector involved. It also specifies independence criteria.

This standard is intended for the use of inspection bodies and their accreditation bodies as well as other bodies concerned with recognizing the competence of inspection bodies. This set of criteria may have to be interpreted when applied to particular sectors, or to in-service inspection.

This standard covers the functions of bodies whose work may include the examination of materials, products, installations, plant, processes, work procedures, or services, and the determination of their conformity, with requirements, and the subsequent reporting of results of these activities to clients and, when required, to supervisory authorities.

The relevant requirements of the EN ISO 9000 series of standards applying to the quality systems for inspection bodies are incorporated into this standard.

This standard does not cover testing laboratories, certification bodies or the suppliers’ declaration of conformity, the criteria for which are contained in other European Standards of the EN 45000 series.

History and related standards

This International Standard supersedes BS EN 45004:1995 which is withdrawn. Apart from the identifier, this standard remains identical to the withdrawn BS EN 45004:1995.

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