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Non-destructive testing – Magnetic particle testing - Part 1: General principles

Executive summary

General principles for magnetic particle testing of ferromagnetic materials.


This International Standard specifies general principles for the magnetic particle testing of ferromagnetic materials.

Magnetic particle testing is primarily applicable to the detection of surface-breaking discontinuities, in particular cracks. It can also detect discontinuities just below the surface but its sensitivity diminishes rapidly with depth.

This standard specifies the surface preparation of the part to be tested, magnetization techniques, requirements and application of the detection media, and the recording and interpretation of results. Acceptance criteria are not defined. Additional requirements for the magnetic particle testing of particular items are defined in product standards.

This standard does not apply to residual magnetization method.

History and related standards

This International Standard supersedes BS 6072:1981 which is declared obsolescent. It will be fully withdrawn on publication of BS EN 2857-1 and BS EN 2857-2.

This standard includes the following cross-references:

EN 473, EN 1330-1, EN 1330-2, EN ISO 3059, prEN ISO 9934-2, prEN ISO 9934-3 and prEN ISO 12707.

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