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Paints and varnishes  - Cross-cut test

Executive summary

Cross-cut test method for the sampling and testing of paints, varnishes and related products.


This International Standard is one of a series of standards dealing with the sampling and testing of paints, varnishes and related products. It specifies a test method for assessing the resistance of paint coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angle lattice pattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate.

The main differences between BS 3900-E6:1974 and this standard, are as follows:

a) in the procedure, the spacing of cuts is prescribed, depending on the

thickness of the coating and the type of substrate;

b) for hard substrates application of adhesive tape has been added.

History and related standards

This International Standard supersedes BS 3900-E6:1974, which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross references:

ISO 1512:1991, ISO 1513, ISO 1514, ISO 2808:1991, ISO 3270:1984, and

IEC 454-2:1974.

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