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Executive summary

Principles for the identification and classification of soils for geotechnical engineering purposes.


This part of ISO 14688, together with ISO 14688-1, establishes the basic principles for the identification and classification of soils on the basis of those material and mass characteristics most commonly used for soils for engineering purposes. The relevant characteristics may vary and therefore, for particular projects or materials, more detailed subdivisions of the descriptive and classification terms may be appropriate.

The classification principles established in this International Standard permit soils to be grouped into classes of similar composition and geotechnical properties and, with respect to their suitability for geotechnical engineering purposes, such as:

- foundations;

- ground improvements;

- roads;

- embankments;

- dams; and

- drainage systems.

This standard is applicable to natural soil and similar man-made material in situ and redeposited, but it is not a classification of soil by itself.

History and related standards

This International Standard partially supersedes BS 5930:1999.

It includes the following cross references:

ISO 3310-1, ISO 3310-2, ISO 14688-1, ISO 14689-1.

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