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Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery - Part 2: Working platforms and walkways

Executive summary

General requirements for safe access to working platforms and walkways for machinery.


This part of EN ISO 14122 defines the general requirements for safe access to machines mentioned in EN 292-2. Part 1 of EN ISO 14122 gives advice about the correct choice of access means when the necessary access to the machine is not possible directly from ground level or from a floor.

This International Standard applies to all machinery (stationary and mobile) where fixed means of access are necessary.

This standard applies to

- working platforms and walkways which are a part of a machine;

- working platforms and walkways to that part of the building where the machine is installed, providing the main function of that part of the building is to provide a means of access to the machine;

- working platforms and walkways specific to the machine which are not permanently fixed to the machine and which may be removed or moved to the side for some operations of the machine (e.g. changing tools in a large press).

This standard does not apply to lifts, to moveable elevating platforms or other devices specially designed to lift persons between two levels.

History and related standards

This International Standard partially supersedes BS 5395-3:1985, and BS 4592-1 to -5. It includes the following cross references:

EN 292-1 (ISO/TR 12100-1), EN 292-2/A1 (ISO/TR 12100-2), EN 294 (ISO 13852), EN 547-1, EN 547-2, EN 547-3, EN 1070, EN ISO 14122-1, EN ISO 14122-3:2001.

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