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This European Standard provides parameters based on values for hand/arm and approach speeds and the methodology to determine the minimum distances from specific sensing or actuating devices of protective equipment to a danger zone.

These specific devices are:

  • trip devices as defined in BS EN 292-1:1991 (specifically electro-sensitive protective equipment, including those used additionally to initiate operation, and pressure sensitive mats)
  • two-hand control devices as defined in BS EN 292-1:1991 and covered by BS EN 574.

This standard gives guidance based on the assumption that the correct device has been chosen either by reference to the appropriate type C standard or by carrying out a risk assessment.

The calculated distances, when implemented, provide sufficient protection for persons against the risks caused by approaching a danger zone which generate any of the following mechanical hazards, such as crushing, shearing, cutting or severing, entanglement, drawing-in or apping, friction or abrasion, stabbing or puncture and impact.

Protection against the risks from mechanical hazards arising from the ejection of solid or fluid materials and non-mechanical hazards such as toxic emissions, electricity, radiation, etc., are not covered by this standard.

This standard does not apply to protective equipment which is intended to be moved, without tools, nearer to the danger zone than the calculated distance, e.g. pendant two-hand control devices.

The minimum distances derived from this standard do not apply to protective equipment used to detect the presence of persons within an area already protected by a guard or electro-sensitive protective equipment.

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